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On this website, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, companies, investors and expatriates will find detailed information about Mauritius as a place of business and residence. 

Key advantages:

  • Low-tax jurisdiction for business and investment
  • Island of freedom and prosperity
  • Best business location in Africa
  • Financial centre with excellent reputation
  • Dream destination for emigrants


Hartmut Sieper is an experienced business consultant with a long track record of advising corporate clients, investment companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals from the German speaking countries, Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Africa.

He has chosen Mauritius as his home base when he emigrated from Germany in 2015 and founded his company Transformative Technologies PCC.

Hartmut is helping business owners establishing their Trusts, Foundations, Global Business Companies, Investment Funds and Special Purpose Vehicles in Mauritius, together with local partners.



What We Can Do For You

Together with local and international partners we are able to provide a full spectrum of consulting services tailored to your needs.

Find out what we can do for you in an introductory talk free of charge!


Business Consulting

Preparing the right setup for your corporate presence in Mauritius; business planning; access to African markets

Corporate Structures

Founding legal entities; providing the required substance; cross-border transactions

Asset protection

Estate planning; Special Purpose Vehicles; Foreign Direct Investment opportunities

Relocation assistance

Connection to relevant authorities and trusted service providers; pre-selection of properties for working and living


We found Hartmut Sieper to be a very professional and helpful partner in our emigration to Mauritius.

Through initial Skype conversations, which we still had from Hamburg, Hartmut advised us in detail and was able to explain and advise us on everything from the relocation company, the founding of an enterprise, introduction to a licensed management company and tax coaching from a single source.

All the information was 100% accurate, and Hartmut was sometimes more up-to-date and better informed than the staff in the authorities themselves. So we were perfectly prepared for official procedures (e.g. visa application) and everything went smoothly and without any problems.

In addition to the purely formal advice, he still helps us today with practical and everyday Mauritius tips as well as with professional business consulting. So that what was initially a business relationship has now become a personal friendship.

We can therefore only recommend to everyone who is thinking of relocating to Mauritius / setting up a company to contact Hartmut!


Ivonne B. and Thorbjörn T.

Entrepreneurs and Expatriates from Germany

I became aware of Mr Sieper through research on the internet on the subject of “working in Mauritius”. Contacting him was easy and after a few conversations via Skype, I was convinced that I had found the right partner for all my questions about finding real estate and setting up my company.

Through Mr Sieper, I found a suitable property on my first visit to the island, which I have now rented for 12 months. His good knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the geographical locations, but also of the local customs, helped me a lot. Everything went smoothly and I now intend to buy a property. Mr Sieper is also supporting me in this process.

I am happy about the good cooperation and can give a clear recommendation for anyone who wants to found a company in Mauritius or who is looking for a rental or purchase property.


Daniel Takriti

Entrepreneur from Munich

During my two-week stay in Mauritius, I had a very ambitious programme: obtaining a permanent residence permit as a Retired Non-Citizen, opening a bank account, and visiting properties for sale. Thanks to a perfect preparation, coordinated in detail with Mr Sieper, as well as an efficient, structured implementation, everything worked out well, and we were also able to overcome unexpected hurdles with his active assistance. His good contacts to authorities, banks and local service providers were very helpful.

I can recommend Mr Sieper without reservation.


Rainer S.

Business owner from Germany

Hartmut has accompanied our South Africa based company for the last 11 years. His strategic advice, his comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in business development and financial planning, and his valuable participation in negotiations with investors and stakeholders was highly welcome and very important to us.

I can recommend him whole-heartedly.


Bryan Sidders

Founder and CEO, Prior Mobile Health, South Africa

Last year I had the opportunity to read several business plans elaborated by Hartmut Sieper, and I can confirm with full conviction that I have never seen any more professional than those during more than 20 years as independent management consultant.


Klaus Zorn

Zorn Consulting & Management Services, Austria