Mauritius' geographical position
Mauritius is located in a favourable time zone between Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, with many direct flight connections to the four continents.

How Mauritius is connected to the world

Flight Connections

Despite its relatively remote location, Mauritius has many non-stop flight connections, with Paris, London, Johannesburg, Dubai and Singapore being the most frequented hubs.

Perfect time zone for doing business with Europe, Asia and Africa

Mauritius’ location in the time zone UTC+4 makes it a perfect place for global servicing companies, i.e. with regard to Financial Services and Business Process Outsourcing solutions.
Time zones

Image: The World Factbook; adapted by Transformative Technologies

Connections to submarine cables

  • SAFE cable to India, Malaysia and South Africa
  • LION cable to Madagascar
  • LION2 cable to Kenya
  • IOX cable to South Africa and India [from 2019]

After being connected to the IOX cable, Mauritius will rank #4 in Africa together with Ghana, and after Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria and Djibouti.

Internet Connectivity & cybersecurity

Mauritius offers excellent Internet infrastructure with a choice of download and upload speeds up to 100Mbps; higher bandwidths are available on demand.

In addition, Mauritius is ranking #6 worldwide in cybersecurity.

  • 1. UAE (Top country in the Middle East) 94.3% 94.3%
  • 3. Singapore (Top country in Asia) 90.3% 90.3%
  • 8. Mauritius (Top country in Africa) 55.2% 55.2%
  • 10. Latvia (Top country in Europe) 50.6% 50.6%
  • 37. Canada (Top country in North America) 14.7% 14.7%
  • 40. EU 28 average 13.9% 13.9%
  • 60. Germany 2.3% 2.3%
Household penetration of FTTH/B (Fibre-To-The-Home and Fibre-To-The-Building-subscribers) of countries with at least 200,000 households.
Data source: IDATE for FTTH Council Europe, Feb 2017