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Consulting in tax reduction, business planning, cross-border transactions, market access to African countries, risk mitigation, relocation:


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We offer consulting services to business owners, corporations, entrepreneurs, organizations and investors:

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Business plans


Market entry into Africa


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Relocation to Mauritius


Qualification of Hartmut Sieper

Hartmut Sieper has 32 years of professional experience:


  • Chemistry (University)
  • Geography (University)
  • Banker (Apprenticeship)


  • Banker
  • Business Consultant
  • Managing Director
  • CEO
  • Board member
  • Book author


  • Capital markets
  • Business plans
  • Internationalization
  • Alternative Investments
  • Africa
  • Company formation in Mauritius


Hartmut has accompanied our South Africa based company for the last 11 years. His strategic advice, his comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in business development and financial planning, and his valuable participation in negotiations with investors and stakeholders was highly welcome and very important to us.

I can recommend him whole-heartedly.

Bryan Sidders

Founder and CEO, Prior Mobile Health, South Africa

Last year I had the opportunity to read several business plans elaborated by Hartmut Sieper, and I can confirm with full conviction that I have never seen any more professional than those during more than 20 years as independent management consultant.

Klaus Zorn

Zorn Consulting & Management Services, Austria

Service Portfolio

Our Services at a Glance

Together with local and international partners we are able to provide a full spectrum of consulting services tailored to your needs.

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Business Consulting

Preparing the right setup for your corporate presence in Mauritius; business planning; access to African markets

Corporate Structures

Founding legal entities; providing the required substance; cross-border transactions

Asset protection

Estate planning; Special Purpose Vehicles; Foreign Direct Investment opportunities

Relocation assistance

Connection to relevant authorities and trusted service providers; pre-selection of properties for working and living