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PRO MAURITIUS offers consulting services to business owners, corporations, entrepreneurs, organizations and investors:

Purchase of real estate

PRO MAURITIUS helps its clients to acquire real estate and puts them in touch with the best professionals.

Many prospective buyers first search the internet and come across a multitude of offers, both of second-hand properties and new PDS projects.

Those who want to make a sensible pre-selection from a distance or before travelling to Mauritius are quickly confronted with the following questions:

  • Which developer is reliable, and which is not?
  • How should the location (macro- micro-location) be assessed?
  • What does the surrounding area look like, which is not visible in the pictures?
  • Are there any issues that the estate agent is not telling you about?

In addition, many expatriates expect to be able to do as much as possible within a two-week stay in Mauritius.

With our structured processes you are effective and efficient!


PRO MAURITIUS provides consulting services to business owners, companies, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals who wish to internationalise their activities by setting up legal structures in Mauritius tailored to their needs.

This includes the establishment of companies (Global Business Companies, Authorised Companies, Protected Cell Companies, Variable Capital Companies) and financial vehicles (Mutual Funds, Special Purpose Vehicles) as well as the establishment of foundations and trusts.


PRO MAURITIUS consults expatriates in choosing the right Occupation and Residence Permit and in applying for it.

A Residence Permit in Mauritius is also a good hedging strategy for people who want to have a “Plan B”.

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account has become difficult and complicated all over the world – also in Mauritius.

PRO MAURITIUS is happy to help in choosing the right bank as well as with the account opening formalities, and establishes direct contact with the customer relationship manager.

Ongoing support

In addition to the various consulting packages, PRO MAURITIUS offers all clients ongoing monitoring or follow-up support over a period of 6 or 12 months.


The Silver and Gold packages in the areas of real estate purchase, founding a company, emigration, opening a bank account and ongoing support can be combined to save costs.

Qualification of Hartmut Sieper

Hartmut Sieper has 32 years of professional experience:


  • Chemistry (University)
  • Geography (University)
  • Banker (Apprenticeship)


  • Banker
  • Business Consultant
  • Managing Director
  • CEO
  • Board member
  • Book author


  • Capital markets
  • Business plans
  • Internationalization
  • Alternative Investments
  • Africa
  • Company formation in Mauritius


Hartmut has accompanied our South Africa based company for the last 11 years. His strategic advice, his comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in business development and financial planning, and his valuable participation in negotiations with investors and stakeholders was highly welcome and very important to us.

I can recommend him whole-heartedly.

Bryan Sidders

Founder and CEO, Prior Mobile Health, South Africa

Last year I had the opportunity to read several business plans elaborated by Hartmut Sieper, and I can confirm with full conviction that I have never seen any more professional than those during more than 20 years as independent management consultant.

Klaus Zorn

Zorn Consulting & Management Services, Austria