Corona Measures: Mauritius Compared With Other Countries

The Oxford Coronavirus Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT) project calculate a Government Stringency Index, a composite measure of nine of the response metrics.

The nine metrics used to calculate the Government Stringency Index are: school closures; workplace closures; cancellation of public events; restrictions on public gatherings; closures of public transport; stay-at-home requirements; public information campaigns; restrictions on internal movements; and international travel controls.

The index on any given day is calculated as the mean score of the nine metrics, each taking a value between 0 and 100.

Corona Measures in different regions of the world

Mauritius – Central Europe

Mauritius – Mediterranean riparian states

Mauritius – North America

Mauritius – South America

 Mauritius – Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia

Mauritius – East Asia and Pacific

Corona Measures in other country groups

Mauritius – “Measure Denial Countries”

Mauritius – Island nations

Corona Measures in favorite emigrant countries

Mauritius – Tax havens

Mauritius – Popular emigration destinations

Mauritius – Popular destinations of digital nomads